I'm, sort of, back

It has been long since last time I posted here, and there has been many recent developments.

I started a project to for digitisation of the standard Arabic typeface developed and used by Al-Amiria printing in Cairo from around 20s to 70s of the last century that was widely used in other governmental printing houses as well. The project has been funded by TUG, see the google code page of the project for more details (and if you want to donate to the project ;).)

I'm also taking over Arabic Gnome translation maintainership from Djihed who has been busy recently, thanks Djihed for all the great work you have been doing for gnome in the past years.

As part of the typography fun I'm having these days I was doing some little contributions to LuaTeX typesetting engine and ConTeXt typesetting system based on it. It was fun and I learnt some lua and pascal for this, that what I call fun :).

I've been doing some translation work on Thunderbird 3 beta and the upcoming Firefox 3.1. Worked on OLPC Sugar Arabisation and fixing some RTL bugs.

Most probably I did a dozen of other things that I forgot ;).

On the real life side, I passed my Surgery and Gynaecology exams, even got good and very good grades. This means I've only one exam left and will be essentially graduated.


Glad to see you back

Glad to see you back Khalid

Hoping to hear more such news

You'd rather say "show me

You'd rather say "show me the code"; too much talk and no work :p

إلى الأمام يا

إلى الأمام يا دوكتور خالد

صفحة المصحف

يبدو أن صفحة المصحف مكتوبة باستخدام طريقة صف الحروف.
في أغلب المصاحف يكون هناك خطاط يقوم بكتابة المصحف في البداية ثم يطبع بطريقة التصوير .

نعم، وهذا وجه

نعم، وهذا وجه أهميتها بالنسبة لنا.


محتويات هذا الحقل سرية ولن تظهر للآخرين.
هذا السؤال للتأكد من أنك زائر حقيقي ولمنع السخام.
6 + 4 =
حل هذه المعادلة الرياضية البسيطة وأدخل الناتج. مثلا: إذا كان السؤال 1+3 أدخل 4.