Status of Amiri font project

I've been quiet about my traditional, naskh-like Arabic font project for a while, but it was slowly progressing. I was overly optimistic expecting to finish the initial development within the frame of nine months, but I did very little progress for the good part of the whole year, partly because I was very busy with my last year studies in the medical school, then with internship, and partly because drawing glyphs is a tedious, time consuming and boring process that I would take breaks playing with other font and non-font projects.

However, it has been doing good in the last few months, with almost all letter forms drawn, numbers and vowel marks should follow shortly, thanks to support of my wonderful mother (who is setting next to me right now, pushing me to finish one more glyph before I go to sleep ;). A proof-of-concept font file employing the idea of separating base letter forms from dots (which I should discuss in details later) was prepared, but it is likely to be redone from scratch for final production.

I don't want to give yet-another-overly-optimistic deadline, but I really expect a usable, beta quality version very soon.

And the mandatory screenshot :)

(sorry, still no font to download this time ;)



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