Arabic, Arabic and Arabic

Thanks to the separation of dots and base glyphs approach, Amiri font can be easily extended to cover all additional characters required for other Arabic script using language. For example, here are all Arabic Wikipedia logos set in Amiri:

It is still rough at edges, but things are improving. Since the font is getting more and more usable, brave souls can grab it from its github repository, no generated font is provided though, you need to build it from source using FontForge (this might be inconvenient, but I don't want to spread half done versions of the font).


جزاك الله خير الجزاء استخدم

جزاك الله خير الجزاء
استخدم أوبنتو 10.04 و فكرت في تجربة العربية فبهرت ,يا له من مجهود عظيم

شكرا لك

شكرا لك

Good job! But there seems to

Good job! But there seems to be some readability issues remaining especially with the Sorani logo.

Thanks. That was an early

Thanks. That was an early prototype, it is better in the released version (less dot collision), but more tests are need from native speakers (I only speak Arabic).


محتويات هذا الحقل سرية ولن تظهر للآخرين.
هذا السؤال للتأكد من أنك زائر حقيقي ولمنع السخام.
9 + 1 =
حل هذه المعادلة الرياضية البسيطة وأدخل الناتج. مثلا: إذا كان السؤال 1+3 أدخل 4.