More progress...

More progress...

Now basic dot positioning for Arabic is done (with preliminary other Arabic script based languages), and basic spacing (no kerning yet). No vowel marks yet, almost no punctuation and no numbers, still it looks beautiful :)

Since I've been promising a release for ages, expect an alpha soon. I just need to do some clean-up, steal a front page design from somewhere and make a public launch :)


تسلم الأيادي

جميل يا باشا , شكله رائع

بس سؤال ..

الميم لما تيجي بعد الهاء , بحس ان الحرفين بيجو على بعض , هل ده مظبوط؟


لع، غلطة كنت أبحث لها عن الحل، اليوم -بالصدفة- وجدت حلا :) استنى 0.003