First (alpha) release of Amiri Font

I just uploaded the first release of Amiri, an alpha release.

* Only alphabetic characters:
    * no vowel marks
    * no punctuation
    * no numbers
* Only Arabic languages is supported:
    * no support for other Arabic script languages, though the underlying structure is all there
    * no support for special Koranic marks
* No proper spacing, there is some primitive kerning that needs more work.
* Dot positioning still needs more work
* Some combinations need more work

We now also have a web site, which also acts as a showcase for the font.

The website uses downloadable webfonts to display the text in Amiri font (the English is in Linux Libertine), as long as you are using a web broweser that supports it. The font is broken in some browsers, however, still needs to be sorted out. Also it is not yet optimised for web display (no hinting etc.), it looks best in Firefox for Linux with FreeType autohinting.

The font can be downloaded from SourceForge download area, the tar ball contains the font in both desktop and web formats (TTF, WOFF and EOT), as well as FontForge sources and build scripts.
Update: the archive was broken, re-uploaded.

It is released under OFL, but I'm considering dual licensing it under GPLv3 as well (any strong copyleft license is fine with me actually, if there is a real need for it).

There will be, ISA, some more alpha releases until the above items are done before it enters beta stage.

Testing, bug reports, ideas, patches and all sort of contributions are welcomed, I'm still not sure whether I'll be using SourceForge bug tracking or Github's, but direct emails are welcomed for the time being.
Update: we will be using SourceForge bug tracker.


مجهود مذهل ما شاء الله! انوي

مجهود مذهل ما شاء الله!
انوي تحميل الخط بمجرد فراغي من كتابة هذا التعليق. ولكن اردت تنبيهك الى ان الخط الموجود على الموقع لا يظهر بشكل صحيح في chromium 5.0 (لا تظهر سوى عدة حروف). يظهر الخط بشكل طبيعي (وجميل) على فايرفوكس كما ذكرت.

تابع المشوار :)

مشكلة كروم أنه يزيل معلومات

مشكلة كروم أنه يزيل معلومات من الخط ضرورية لعرضه بشكل صحيح، هذه مشكلة مؤقتة وهم على علم بها وننتظر حلا لها من ناحيتهم.

This is really great. please

This is really great. please continue developing it. when I enable (if it is turned off, it looks bad) ClearType it looks good on the web but I think it needs more work as you say. with the introduction of webfonts, may be we can use Amiri on the Arabic Wikipedia(s) when you get it to beta.

Yes, this is one of the goals

Yes, this is one of the goals :)


محتويات هذا الحقل سرية ولن تظهر للآخرين.
هذا السؤال للتأكد من أنك زائر حقيقي ولمنع السخام.
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