XITS 1.007

I just uploaded the seventh beta of XITS scientific fonts (don't let the beta label mislead you ;) it is quite functional). No bug changes, just few bug fixes and small additions:

- Add TopAccentHorizontal position to U+00B7, U+0131, U+0237, U+203E, U+22C5
- Add spaces and control characters U+0000-001F, U+2000-200F, U+2028-202F
- Tune script positioning for display integrals
- Disable smaller that text size integrals
- Rename fj ligature glyph to "f_j" for PDF search
- Assign un-encoded glyphs PUA code points
- Use U+23B7 slot for the glyph uni221A.base
- Change integral glyphs name suffixes to "small" and "display"

Get it from the usual place.

Update: The new release is also available through TeXLive updates.


Great job! Any intention of

Great job! Any intention of helping with the OpenOffice.org Formula program for RTL support? I believe it's only LTR at the moment. And it's way more popular and convenient for regular users than this.

I'm not a big fan of

I'm not a big fan of OpenOffice formula editor myself, its output is far inferior to what TeX (or even MS Office since 2007 version) is capable of. We have other serious OpenOffice bugs to worry about. Lets hope that with better community involvement with LibreOffice we can move things forward.


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