Amiri font v0.016

Yet another developmental release of Amiri font, this time featuring a, more or less, complete Quranic support, which fixes the last major issue with the font, and I think it is only a couple of more alpha releases before it is ready to enter beta stage.

The start of Baqara chapter

Here is the full release notes:

Amiri 0.016 (2011-09-22), Beginning of the End

  • This release features full Quranic support, another major developmental milestone, more work still needed in refining glyph interaction specially mark positioning in fully vocalised text such as Quran.

  • New glyphs:

    • All Quranic annotation marks in Unicode 6.0.
    • All other Arabic vowel marks in Unicode 6.0.
    • Radical (U+221A) including a RTL variant, and other Arabic radicals (U+0606, U+0607).
    • Arabic ray (U+0608).
    • Afghani sign (U+060B).
    • Arabic sign Misra (U+060F).
    • New contextual shape for initial meem followed by medial heh, as in مها.
  • Kerning:

    • Decreased the number of kerning pairs from 411240 to 55850 while retaining the same functionality.
  • Fixes:

    • General cleanup of punctuation marks, fixing spacing of brackets and making curly brackets more bolder to fit wit the rest of the font.
    • Made the space glyph 600 units wide.
    • Fixed erroneous tatweel (kashida) insertion in full justification.
    • Wider forms of some glyphs to avoid mark clash in full vowelisation.
    • Underline position is now lower than most glyphs with descendants.
    • Various mark positioning fixes.
    • Separate the ring of Kashmiri yeh from the body of base glyph, following Kashmiri orthographic traditions.


شكرا لكم

شكرا لكم


محتويات هذا الحقل سرية ولن تظهر للآخرين.
هذا السؤال للتأكد من أنك زائر حقيقي ولمنع السخام.
5 + 9 =
حل هذه المعادلة الرياضية البسيطة وأدخل الناتج. مثلا: إذا كان السؤال 1+3 أدخل 4.