KacstOne font v5.0

Just released version 5.0 of KacstOne font, the new release features a new bold version of the font, it should also be possible now to copy text from PDF files using KacstOne, also the problematic kern feature have been removed as it was causing more problems (both Qt and OpenOffice have bugs in handling of right to left kerning) and a simplistic font like KacstOne can do without kerning at all (I had to fix the advance widths of certain glyphs the needed kerning more). Download it from SourceForge.

Amiri font v0.015

Another developmental release of Amiri font, marking a major developmental milestone.

Amiri was developed using a novel, and natural, approach of separating dots from base of the glyph and treating them as diacritical marks (which what they really are), this allowed much more flexibility than the more conventional approach of treating the dot and its base as a whole.

In the early developmental stages things were fine, but as the need for more complex tasks surfaced, things were getting exponentially harder and harder and it become clear that OpenType is not ready for this kind of development, and in the last few months I've been hitting the limits of OpenType as spec'd as well as hitting bugs in almost all OpenType implementation, essentially tying my hands from using more advanced (but less tasted) parts of the spec.

So I, regrettably, decided to revert to more conventional and well tried OpenType techniques. As a side effect there is now a one to one mapping between characters and glyphs in its various contextual forms (I'm still avoiding ligatures like plague). This fixes a whole lot of bugs and allows the font to work with more OpenType implementation, on the other hand number of glyphs grew by a factor of 7 and file size got tripled.

With this new turn, the font is ready to move into beta stage, and next release is likely to be the last alpha.

XITS fonts v1.011

Though v1.010 was promised to be the last release, I'm resuming work on the fonts, so here is a new beta of XITS fonts, featuring mainly support for right-to-left math which have been the main motivate behind the project, though never made it to any of the released versions (only supported by LuaTeX for now, more on that later).

Reduced Bulaq type case

Reduced Bulaq type case

The reduced Bulaq type case, cast in 1950 to simplify the original, 1910 type case, cutting it from 470 to 238 sorts (not counting vowel marks).

Amiri font v0.014

A new bug fix release of Amiri font, fixing two serious Windows bug; one related to Lellah form and the other results in wrong placement of final Yaa dots.

Amiri font v0.012

XITS fonts v1.009

Just released a new version of XITS fonts for scientific and mathematical typesetting, no much change from previous beta; fixing an issue (inherited from upstream) that breaks breaks printing with Ghostscript, and fine tuning of two math parameters.

KacstOne font v4.0

KacstOne is a simplified Arabic font originally released by KACST under GPL and then re-packaged by Arabeyes and released as part of our Khotot project.

Amiri 0.010

Yesterday I released version 0.010 of Amiri font, codenamed Referendum :)

لَقِّم المحتوى