KacstOne font v5.0

Just released version 5.0 of KacstOne font, the new release features a new bold version of the font, it should also be possible now to copy text from PDF files using KacstOne, also the problematic kern feature have been removed as it was causing more problems (both Qt and OpenOffice have bugs in handling of right to left kerning) and a simplistic font like KacstOne can do without kerning at all (I had to fix the advance widths of certain glyphs the needed kerning more). Download it from SourceForge.

KacstOne font v4.0

KacstOne is a simplified Arabic font originally released by KACST under GPL and then re-packaged by Arabeyes and released as part of our Khotot project.

Maemo speaks Arabic

Maemo speaks Arabic

Testing Arabic support in maemo (this is maemopad, and the font is my working version of Mothanna font).

Webkit rendering Arabic

Webkit rendering Arabic

WebKit-r29336 using Pango for font rendering, enabling Arabic and other complex text rendering.

Nafees Nastaleeq font - v1.01 released under free license

Nafees Nastaleeq font is a great Nasta`liq (AKA Farsi) style font that supports mainly Urdu but some Arabic characters still missing. The font is very carefully designed and looks almost like hand written calligraphy, I'm really impressed by the amount of effort spent to develop such font. What impresses me more is that the latest version was released under a free license.

لَقِّم المحتوى