Amiri 0.010

Yesterday I released version 0.010 of Amiri font, codenamed Referendum :)

Dynamic dots at work

When designing the OpenType layout of Amiri font I opted for a more complex dot separation model, where dots are treated as diacritical marks instead if being hard coded into base glyphs.

This paid off by lowering the total number of final glyphs as well as less substitution rules.



In the development version of Amiri, Pashto have been fully covered. The paragraphs above from the page on Pasho language from Pashto wikipedia. I can't read it, unfortunately, but it looks nice nevertheless :).

Bulaq type case

Bulaq type case

From my last trip to Bibliotheca Alexandrina’s Calligraphic Center :)

Amiri 0.003

This is third release in the alpha series, another bug fix release. Download from the usual place, and check the release notes (in Arabic).

Amiri 0.002

This is second release in the alpha series, mainly a bug fix release. Download from the usual place, and check the release notes (in Arabic).

First (alpha) release of Amiri Font

I just uploaded the first release of Amiri, an alpha release.

* Only alphabetic characters:
    * no vowel marks
    * no punctuation
    * no numbers
* Only Arabic languages is supported:
    * no support for other Arabic script languages, though the underlying structure is all there
    * no support for special Koranic marks
* No proper spacing, there is some primitive kerning that needs more work.
* Dot positioning still needs more work
* Some combinations need more work

We now also have a web site, which also acts as a showcase for the font.

More progress...

More progress...

Now basic dot positioning for Arabic is done (with preliminary other Arabic script based languages), and basic spacing (no kerning yet). No vowel marks yet, almost no punctuation and no numbers, still it looks beautiful :)

Since I've been promising a release for ages, expect an alpha soon. I just need to do some clean-up, steal a front page design from somewhere and make a public launch :)



Arabic, Arabic and Arabic

Thanks to the separation of dots and base glyphs approach, Amiri font can be easily extended to cover all additional characters required for other Arabic script using language. For example, here are all Arabic Wikipedia logos set in Amiri:

لَقِّم المحتوى