It is no longer vapourware

Getting out of my Amiri cave, just to tell you Amiri is there, it is real, it is no longer vapourware ;)

Well, the is actually the only readable phrase that can be written with the font right now, and no, there is no download link this time too :P

Get off my dots!

Arabic dots are diacritics and should be treated as diacritics, period.

Warning, a long and boring reading below.

A bit of history about Bulaq typefaces

I've been interested in the history of Bulaq Press in general, and the typefaces used there in particular, as I started working on my Bulaq revival font project.

I found two very valuable books about the subject; The History of Bulaq Press a master's thesis by Abu-Alfutuh Radwan, and Bulaq Press published by Bibliotheca Alexandrina.

Status of Amiri font project

I've been quiet about my traditional, naskh-like Arabic font project for a while, but it was slowly progressing.

I'm, sort of, back

It has been long since last time I posted here, and there has been many recent developments.

I started a project to for digitisation of the standard Arabic typeface developed and used by Al-Amiria printing in Cairo from around 20s to 70s of the last century that was widely used in other governmental printing houses as well. The project has been funded by TUG, see the google code page of the project for more details (and if you want to donate to the project ;).)

لَقِّم المحتوى