Scribus + XeLaTeX = Arabic

Scribus + XeLaTeX = Arabic

Scribus 1.3.5 (not released yet), has support for using TeX for text rendering via a special LaTeX frame.

I grabbed it from svn, built it, some quick configuration to use xelatex instead of pdflatex, and the result is the screenshot above :).

Now, I need to polish this and make a good configuration file for ArabXeTeX (that I'm using on top of XeTeX engine).


Hi, I am a palestinean trying to make an arabic flyer with Scrib

Can you help my by explaining in stepps (for idiots) how you got scribus to write arabic correctly? I need to make a flyer for the ibn rushd fund, and untill now I did the flyer in OOo in arabic but now want to print it, and the printshop is asking for CMYK not RGB (which is the only thing ooo can export)
How did you get Scribus to work with arabic?

Salamat and 1000 shukr muqadamman

You will need a complex

You will need a complex LaTeX setup, and the result won't be worth the trouble. Alternatively, you can try, it might give better results, depending on your requirements.

Impresionante! Any chance


Any chance of writing a quick howto for configuring scribus ?

After trying to do some real

After trying to do some real typesetting, I found that the result is of poor quality and not that flexible, I can't find a use of it except for typing few Arabic words or short paragraph.

مقدمة سريعة

هذه مقدمة سريعة إلى الموضوع في ويكي عرب آيز.

جامد يا خالد

لسة عمرو النهاردا كان بيحثني أني أستكشف ازاي نخلي تخ يشتغل بالعربية، لأنه عاوز يعمل قوالب و ينشرهم و يروج لاستخدامهم في النشر بين المستخدمين العرب بدل ملفات ميكروقرد و كدا.

و أنا منتظر بفراغ صبر أن سكريبس يدعم العربية.

أنا أقترح نعمل الخطوات في عرض باوربوينت و ننشره في منتدى تبادل برامج، بس يكون باشتراك و كلمة سر :)

انت كمان :)

أنا بقالي فترة بلعب بلاتخ، صراحة ArabXeTeX مع XeTeX أفضل تجميعة لحد الآن، أنا حاليا بكتب كلمتين عنه. بعدها بقى نبدأ نعمل القولب العربي لأن ده مهم جدا (مثلا التواريخ بالعربي، الأعمدة تترتب من يمين لشمال وكده).

لاتخ بالعربي

Good News, Now you can get a very nice arabic documents with xelatex and xearabic... I made chages to some packages of miketex 2.8, and create a very useful package to write arabic with xelatex. you have just to add the following three lines to your code file (the .tex file) and xelatex it, that's all !!
I called this new package XeArabic, and it works with bidi...

\settextfont[Scale=1.0]{Traditional Arabic}  %or any other arabic font from windows ...
\setlatintextfont[Scale=1]{Times New Roman} %or any other english font 

You can download it, after a few days, from the site

كيف تكتب العربية في Scribus

سوف نقوم باستخدام Render Frame
Set XeTeX as the default typesetting engine for TeX frames. Go to File, Properties, External Tools and under Render Frames locate LaTeX. Click on Change Command and change the default to this:
xelatex --interaction=nonstopmode
if you installed texlive locally
/home/YourName/texlive/2011/bin/x86_64-linux/xelatex --interaction=nonstopmode
The original configuration was
pdflatex --interaction nonstopmode
ثم اتبع الخطوات التالية
1. Click on “render frame” and insert one frame

2. In the render frame uncheck “Use Preamble”

3. Delete every thing in the “Enter Code” pane

4. Copy and paste the following code in the “Enter Code” pane
\def\BSML{\begin{center}\char"FB51 \char"FB52 \char"FB53\end{center}}
%=====Besm Ellah
\fontspec[Scale=3,Colour=AA0000, VerticalPosition=Superior]{QCF_BSML}
write your Arabic text here
اللغة العربية لغة جميله
Write your English text here, if you need to write a whole paragraph
5. Click on Update

تفصيلات الموضوع

لمعرفة المزيد عن كتابة العربية في سكرايبس ادخل الي موقعي,XeTeX-and-Polyglossia.html
د/ عادل محمد عبد العظيم