N810 maemo device program

N810 maemo submission accepted

Congratulations! You have been accepted to the N810 maemo device program. We will send your discount and instructions as soon as the device is available in your selected shop (soon).

maemo team - http://maemo.org

I received this email from maemo team a week ago or so, but I forgot to blog about it, more on this soon ;)

OLPC developer's machine

Today on IRC, Mr. Jim Gettys kindly invited me to apply to the OLPC Developers Program So that I can get a developer machine and start testing various aspects related to Arabic localization and support on the system, I think I'll also start working on the localization of the interface to Arabic ASAP. I'm waiting for the machine and lets see what we can do.

My blog is up again

I managed to fix the installation and upgraded to drupal 5.1 finally!

I'd some trouble with drupal update, I think I'll post about it later.

Ubuntu packages for FriBidi with Arabic shaping

It seems that FriBidi maintainer isn't going to release next version of FriBidi (aka fribidi2) which implement Arabic shaping, though the files are in it's CVS tree. So I made an ubuntu package for it if any one is interested in it's shaping support.

The sources a .deb file are here, I built this on Ubuntu 6.10 (aka Edgy Efft).

WARNING use these packages on your own risk.
Fribidi2 is an unreleased, untested BETA software.
Also I'm not sure if the packages were made the correct way or not.

bidi module mini-how to

BiDi module is a special drupal module that sets line direction automatically according to its type so you can mix RTL and LTR texts freely without worrying about the direction of the text.

Get it from here, install it by coping it to "modules" directory under your drupal's root directory.

Go to administer -> modules and enable it, then administer -> input formats, configure your desired formate and enable BiDi filter under Filters section.

my blog from the terminal

my blog from the terminal

w3m + mlterm + my blog ;)

macish kde

macish kde

I was working hardly last week to make my KDE 3.5 look like MacOSX, but after playing with the real mac I can say it is far away from looking like mac

True transparensy

True transparensy

screenshot of my gnome's desktop with transparent X

first Arabic manpage

first Arabic manpage

This is the first man page using groff-utf8 and mlterm

لَقِّم المحتوى